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        Chinese |  English
        With 2300 more employees
        15.2 million US dollar for registered capital
        250 million US dollar for total capital,
        an area of 5.48 million square foot
        -Feilong newsletter
        Feilong newsletter
        Warmly celebrate the grand of openingof Xibeng’s 65 Anniversary Meeting.
        Author:   Comefrom:   Time:2017/10/24 10:00:00

        On October 9, 2017, balloons are hanging, colorful flags are fluttering in front of Zhongjing Hall and great excitement war in the air. Chairman of the Board Sun Yaozhi, General Manager Sun Yaozhong together with other 800 work staff gather and celebrate Xibeng’s 65 anniversary of Founding. Reviewing the development of Xibeng, recognizing the achievements, commending advanced worker and plucking up the courage. All should strive for spectacular goal, which means being a centurial enterprise, creating 10 billion revenues and casting a world brand.

        Chairman of the Board Mr. Sun Yaozhi gives a speech
        GM Mr. Sun Yaozhong gives a report
         Executive vice GM Mr. Liang Zhonghua
         announces commendation
        Awarding to meritorious staffs
         Awarding to excellent staffs
        Meritorious staff Mr. Zhao Shufeng gives a speech
        Meritorious staff Mr. Zhang Qun gives a speech
         Excellent staff Mr. Li Zhenhe gives a speech
        Group photo

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