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        With 2300 more employees
        15.2 million US dollar for registered capital
        250 million US dollar for total capital,
        an area of 5.48 million square foot
        -Feilong newsletter
        Feilong newsletter
        Xibeng Groundbreaking Ceremony for 33101 Program
        Author:   Comefrom:   Time:2017/10/16 10:46:00

        Xibeng 33101 program groundbreaking ceremony is held at Xibeng machining plant on Sept. 27th. Xibeng 33101 program is to build a plant with 3 million annual capacity of turbine housing with 30 million investment, and will achieve 100 million turnover and 1 million profit. Mr. Zhang Mingti, Nanyang city deputy mayor, Mr. Sun Qipeng, Secretary of Xixia county committee, Mr. Zhou Huafeng, Xixia county magistrate, and company president Mr. Sun yaozhi attend the ceremony.

        Deputy mayor of Nanyang city Mr. Zhang mingti

        gives a speech

        Secretary of Xixia county committee Mr. Sun qipeng

        gives a speech

        Xixia county magistrate Mr. Zhou huafeng gives a speech

        Xixia county executive subprefect Mr. Ma jun

        introduces the program

        Executive vice GM Mr. Liang zhonghua

        introduces 33101 program

        Laying the foundation

        33101 program design sketch

        Groundbreaking Ceremony


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