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        With 2300 more employees
        15.2 million US dollar for registered capital
        250 million US dollar for total capital,
        an area of 5.48 million square foot
        -Feilong newsletter
        Feilong newsletter
        Xibeng hold 2017 Annual Working Meeting
        Author:   Comefrom:   Time:2017/10/16 10:17:00

        Xibeng 2017 annual working meeting is held on Jan. 3rd, summarizing 2016 annual work and arranging 2017 annual work, at same time commending the excellent divisions and employees.

        President Mr. Sun Yaozhi gives a speech

         GM Mr. Sun Yaozhong gives a speech

        Executive vice GM Mr. Liang Zhonghua

         announces commendation

        Award prize to excellent group in 2016

        Excellent employee Mr. Cao Dongkai gives a speech

        Excellent iemployee Mr. Li Yantao gives a speech

        Top management




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