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        Chinese |  English
        With 2300 more employees
        15.2 million US dollar for registered capital
        250 million US dollar for total capital,
        an area of 5.48 million square foot
        -Research & Development
         -Machining & Assembly
        -Quality Management
         -Inspection Equipment
        Inspection Equipment

        Inspect casting chemical composition and metallographic structure:

           Direct-reading spectrometer

           C S analysis meter

           Full-automatic metallographic microscope

        Inspect material mechanical property and elongation:

           Universal material tester

        Inspect casting inner defect:

           X-ray detector

           Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Detection

        Inspect casting and machining dimension:


           Roundness tester

           Profile meter

          Precise image type surveying and mapping apparatus

        Mould and Product verification, Product mapping:

          Laser scanner

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