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        Chinese |  English
        With 2300 more employees
        15.2 million US dollar for registered capital
        250 million US dollar for total capital,
        an area of 5.48 million square foot
        - Job

        Talent is the fundamental element for a company to become larger and more powerful. The company will continue to implement the "respect knowledge, respect talented person" policy to create talent working mechanism and realize the transformation from human resources to human capital.  We should innovate working mechanism beginning with system construction, strengthen the construction of personnel capacity beginning with education training and develop existing human resources beginning with securing the right people. Meanwhile we implement post appointment system and select the right people to try to build up a talent team with high quality. Therefore, independent innovation capability of the enterprise will be greatly enhanced. At the same time the actualization of “strive for industrial pioneer, create world brand” will be accelerated by building core competitiveness.

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